"Dry Cleaning" In Your Home And 4 Other Neat New Features With Modern Dryers

Posted on: 31 July 2015

Looking for a modern dryer design? Check out some of these brand-new features for cutting-edge dryers that make working in your laundry room a brand-new experience.

Steam Cleaning

With the steam technology in some new dryer models, you can actually clean items that are not machine washable by skipping the washer and moving right into the dryer. New dryer models will produce steam that can sanitize children's toys, pillows or other items that can't go in your conventional washing machine.

Wrinkle Remediation

Other features of new steam-equipped dryers will help you take a lot of work out of looking your best for the office--instead of slaving over an ironing board, just throw your clothes into these new dryers, which will use steam technology along with conventional heating. You'll see a range of fabrics come out smoother and wrinkle-free so you can just hang them out to wear.

Sensor Dry Systems

Do you hate pulling damp clothes out of the dryer? Wouldn't it be nice if your dryer told you whether or not your clothes were dry?

Now engineers in the appliance industry have gone one step further by including temperature and humidity sensors in the dryer. These new models will actually work on clothes until they are dry. The machine can adjust its own drying time, so that there's no human labor involved. Instead of having to check clothes, you can go down and take them out when they're done, knowing that they won't be damp or smelling like mildew.

Static Reduction

Another thing people really hate about taking clothes out of the dryer is the static electricity that builds up. You've seen it. Blankets stick together. Sweaters crackle as they're removed from the dryer. It's not unusual to handle a load like this and get a troublesome jolt of electrical energy the next time you touch a metal appliance or surface.

By purchasing dryers with new anti-static systems, you can eliminate static electricity from your dryer cycle.

Energy-Efficient Options

With high-efficiency dryers, you'll use less detergent and consume less energy over time. Look at a range of new dryers to see energy ratings that will save you money on your electrical bills. Consumers can also choose from conventional electrical and gas dryer appliances.

These are some of the new features that you may want to consider when you're in the market for a new dryer appliance. These new dryer models found at places like AppliancesConnection.com go far beyond what you were used to with traditional models for convenient, easy laundry every time.


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