3 Kitchen Appliances Your New Raw Food Restaurant Shouldn't Be Without

Posted on: 2 July 2016

With younger consumers leaning towards a health-conscious diet, your new raw food restaurant has an excellent opportunity to flourish. But you'll need the right kitchen equipment to impress the diners who walk through your door. Here are three restaurant appliances your raw food kitchen shouldn't be without:


You'll need dehydrators to create delicious raw foods such as fruit leather, brownies, pizza crusts, and flax crackers. These treats can accompany your restaurant's meals and increase the "wow" factor of each dish that's served to customers. Put a couple of multi-tiered dehydrators on your kitchen's counter top and keep them filled throughout the day. Consider investing in square dehydrators as opposed to circular options, so you aren't limited to the shapes and styles of crackers, bread, and desserts that you can create as time goes on.

High-Speed Blenders

Every raw food kitchen needs a couple of high-speed blenders on the counter. They can be used for everything from whipping up smoothies and shakes to creating a zesty house-made hummus dips and salad dressings. You can use a commercial high-speed blender to turn nuts into dressings and desserts without making a huge mess to deal with afterward.

To cut down on food prep time, invest in blenders that come with plungers you can put through the lids while processing nuts and other hard foods. Your blenders should also have a pulse function as well as high and low options to ensure that you have full control over the preparation of each dip, sauce, and chutney you decide to make.

A Walk-in Freezer

It's a good idea to incorporate a walk-in freezer into your raw restaurant kitchen so you can keep a variety of fruits fresh for use throughout the week without having to take time out every single day to stock up on bananas, mangoes, and carrots. You can freeze huge tubs of bananas for use in smoothies and raw vegan ice cream concoctions.

It's also possible to freeze berries, papaya, coconut, and even avocado to use as garnishes and in salads throughout the week. Broccoli, root veggies, dips, and sauces that will be used in salads, raw stir-fries, and wraps can also be kept fresh in your walk-in freezer. You can even process many of the foods before freezing them – dice your fruits, chop your veggies, and mix your sauces and then store them in the freezer for instant access when they're needed.

With these restaurant appliances on your side, it should be easy to whip up tasty dishes that tickles your guests' taste buds every time they sit down to dine. For more information, contact a company like Taylor Freezer Sales Of Arizona.


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