Own A Vacation Rental? Invest In Burglar Alarms To Give Guests Peace Of Mind

Posted on: 18 August 2016

The ideal scenario for a vacation rental owner is a place that is constantly booked. A great feature that makes this safe and easy is a keyless entry system that allows you to give key codes to guests when they arrive in town. Then, when they leave, you can remove the code from the system and the home is secure again. But, there is always the risk of strangers trying to break in or past guests attempting such a devious feat. It is worth looking into ways that you can prevent this from happening, such as burglar alarms.

Eliminate Safety as a Potential Concern

When people stay in a city that they have never been to before, it is understandable to feel a little concerned about safety. This mainly comes from the unfamiliarity of the city and overall area. But, you can make your guests feel a little better by implementing burglar alarms for protection. It will also give you peace of mind, knowing that your property and guests are protected by such a reliable system.

Gain a New Feature to Showcase

On vacation rental websites, individuals planning a trip will go through most or all of the options in their budget, and often the final decision will come down to the location and features offered. A burglar alarm system gives you an extra feature that many other vacation rental owners will not be able to provide. Sometimes this is all that it takes to start getting more guests, which will transition into higher profits.

Avoid Invading Privacy

For your own home, you may have no problem installing surveillance cameras in all of the ideal locations such as the front door, back door, and on the sides of the house. But, this can be a problem with a vacation rental because you do not want to make your guests feel uncomfortable at any point in time. Even though such an implementation would further increase security, you have to find a balance between providing your guests with the feeling of comfort and safety, and going too far with security measures.

A monitored system may run you around $25 per month, and it can include protection from all sorts of problems that you and your guests will appreciate having inside the home. Adding burglar alarms to all windows and doors should only add a small amount to the monthly costs, but it is a worthy investment.

If you want to go above and beyond with your vacation rental, you cannot go wrong with burglar alarms.


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