Composite Vs. Natural Stone Countertops

Posted on: 19 October 2017

Updating your kitchen countertops is a smart update. You can add so much style and value to any cabinet system by simply upgrading the counters. If you have a kitchen with laminate or synthetic countertops, you should consider upgrading to a stone product. Stone counters are highly sought after because they are durable and stylish. Of course, not all stone products are the same. There are some important differences that you need to consider. This is especially true if you are trying to decide between composite and natural stone counters. This article compares the two products.

Composite Stones

Composite stone countertops are obviously the cheaper of the two options. Not all composite stones are made using the same techniques or elements. Basically, a composite stone countertop will be made out of ground of stone that is held together with epoxies and glues. They are often dyed or capped with a printed finish. This gives the surface the look of natural stone, but at a much cheaper price. Printed surfaces look very similar to real stone, but most can tell the difference. So, most people can identify a composite stone product. Overall, they are cheaper and less stylish.


People still love composite stone because it is so easy to take care. A composite stone countertop does not need to be sealed or treated. This is a major difference from natural stones which are slightly porous and need to be refinished to protect against moisture damage and mold. This is a major issues in kitchens where raw food is often being prepared directly on the surface. With natural stone counters, you need to worry about bacteria forming within the stone if the surface is not sealed regularly. Basically, a natural stone counter needs more maintenance over the years.

Natural Stones

A natural stone countertop, whether it be quartz, marble, or granite, is basically a piece of rock cut directly out of the ground. This means that every piece is completely unique and no two counters are alike. The stones are polished and shaped, but the surface is more or less just as it was when it was quarried. Because of this, natural stone counters are more sought after. They add more class and luxury to your kitchen.

Natural and composite stone counters can both improve your kitchen style. They are both functional and stylish, so just choose the product that you can best afford. For more information, contact companies like Selective Stone LLC.


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