Dimensions And Door Style Are Important Considerations When Buying A New Refrigerator

Posted on: 13 March 2019

Buying a new refrigerator is a big investment, and the appliance has an impact on the appearance of your kitchen, so you want to make a careful choice when you buy a new model. Plus, you need a refrigerator that fits your lifestyle. Buying a quality brand is important, but there are other factors to consider too. Here are some things to know before you choose your new refrigerator.

Measure Several Dimensions

If you have an old refrigerator now that fits perfectly in your kitchen, then measure its height, width, and depth so you can buy a new refrigerator with the same dimensions. However, if you're buying a refrigerator for a new space in your kitchen after a renovation or when you move into a new home, then getting the right size requires taking several measurements. First, make sure the area for the refrigerator has an electrical outlet and water hookup if you want to connect the water dispenser in the door. If these connections aren't present, have them installed before you bring home your new appliance.

Next, take measurements of the space that includes the width, height, and depth of the area. If the refrigerator will fit into a cutout, then measure the width in several places in case the space is not exactly square. Another thing to consider is if you want a standard model that juts out a little beyond the cabinets or if you want a narrower refrigerator that is flush with the cabinets. Other measurements you should take include space available for opening the doors. If your kitchen is narrow, a full-size refrigerator door may not open fully. Plus, you'll need ample space to get the refrigerator through doorways and around a kitchen island.

The measurements you take could determine the type of refrigerator you buy. Consider drawing a floor plan of your kitchen with all the dimensions marked so when you're in the appliance showroom, you can pull out your drawing and know when a model is too big to fit.

Think About Your Lifestyle

Different styles of refrigerators meet different needs. If you eat a lot of produce, leftovers, or deli meats, then you want plenty of refrigerator space. If you stock up on frozen foods, then you'll want a large freezer with organizational racks so you can find things easily. If you order pizza a lot and put leftover boxes in the refrigerator, then a side-by-side refrigerator might be frustrating because a pizza box could be too big to fit. However, a side-by-side model is ideal if you keep a lot of frozen foods because you'll have several shelves for keeping them organized.

French door refrigerators are popular because they are roomy while not needing a lot of door space. Plus, one of these models with a pull-out drawer is handy for keeping frozen or refrigerated foods easy to find and easy for kids to reach. If you have a modest budget for a refrigerator, then a traditional style with a freezer on top could be what you need. These are usually affordable, although you'll need enough space for the doors to swing open all the way. Besides these important decisions, you'll also have to decide on the finish. White, black, and silver common colors, and it's easy to find all models in these basic colors.

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