Three Spare Parts For Refrigeration Cases You Should Have On Hand In Your Convenience Store

Posted on: 8 October 2020

If you're a first-time owner of a convenience store or any other business that has a refrigerated section, over time, you will begin to notice a deterioration of these cases. However, there are certain components of your refrigerator units that are easily replaced with nothing more than a screwdriver, and sometimes you don't even need that. These parts you should have in inventory for a quick repair. The following are a few of them.

Hinges and handles for the case doors

The doors on your refrigeration cases will be opened and closed many times each day. Although they can take a lot of wear and tear, you may be surprised at how quickly they can break. This type of repair you can do yourself if you have the spare part. You will have to check to see how many hinges your door has. Taller doors will have three or four, but some models may only have two large ones. You should have enough hinges to repair the entire door because sometimes when one hinge breaks, it will take another with it. The door handles are not as critical because you are not likely to have more than one that breaks at any given time, so you only need one in inventory.

Extra shelving for the cases

Much of the wear and tear for shelving will come from stocking inventory, but customers can be rough on these shelves too. You need a couple of extra shelves as replacements, but you also need to have the hardware that is necessary for the shelves. Things such as brackets and tracks for the brackets are essential. Often the shelf is fine, but it is the bracket that breaks. In addition, if your cases are designed to be adjustable, you should have extra shelving to lower the height of one or more shelves to increase the number of shelves in the refrigeration case.

Extra price labeling tracks and labels

These tracks will last longer than the price labels, but you need to have both in inventory. Numbers for your product pricing will break and crack frequently, and you don't want any of your products to be missing a price. People may not bother to buy that extra item when there is no price because they don't want to waste time going to the front counter to ask for a price check. You will also need extra labels for price changes and sales. The labeling tracks on the bottom of a refrigeration case are the ones that take the most abuse from shoes and inventory dropping out of people's hands, but they can be quickly replaced.

You can save money and avoid delays in repairs to your refrigeration cases by doing some of it yourself, but you need to have spare parts. Make sure you have extra hinges and a door handle in inventory, along with extra racks, labeling tracks, and labels. Ensure you know of a local appliance store so you can always have supermarket refrigeration case parts whenever you need them.


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